Oromia Rural Health Initiative (ORHI) and Ambo University Referral Hospital had several mobile clinics in Oromia region of Ethiopia in February 2020. We have been able to cover three woredas and four different locations on our first mission trip to Oromia region which was successfully accomplished by working with Ambo Unversty Referal Hospital. Oromia Rural Health Initiative(ORHI) and Ambo University Referral Hospital cordially organized community outreach to provide basic healthcare include diagnostics and pharmacy, Emergency interventions, outpatient surgery, Dental clinics, and vision clinics.

Each of these services domains were offered in all areas we served. Our U.S. based team were served in conjunction with Ambo Referral Hospital providers, so we could share the knowledge of all medical professionals to offer the highest level of care to the Oromia region of Ethiopian. U.S. Based team were provided state of the art medical supplies including oximeters, glucometers, monitoring equipment, wound care, trauma, and surgical equipment and approximately five thousand pairs of prescription and nonprescription glasses provided to communities.

our dental clinics also provided extractions and pain/infection interventions. The team members were included global physicians, advance practice nurses, registered nurses, pharmacy techs, certified Medical Assistant, Dentist support staff represented the U.S., Honduras, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Those successful visits were in Ambo area locations called Altufa, Maaruf, Jibaat and Boojji. The farthest location of our visit took us four hours of driving from Ambo to the west which is called NOONNOO.

NONNO is the name of the village in jibat area where the very poor farm community is, with no electricity or running water is available. According to my history the name NONNOO has given during Italian occupation of Ethiopia. Jibat was large area of land and big jungle were the Oromo fighters staid to fight with Italian military and banda force who support the Italian. While the military wanted to cross to Jimma district of Oromia. the Italian army that knows the presence of the fighters said to the bandas who help them, no! no! we do not go through jibat. After that the local people called this area NONNO.

There is no clinic in Nonno. Nonno is the name of the village where I was born and grew up, also attended elementary school. At this village we had our clinic inside school. My dream is one day to build clinic that is called No! No clinic! Have sign of big billboard that say No! No Clinic , but furnished with medical supplies, medicine and medical equipments. Where we would provide the best patient care.

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