Uganda projects

Oromia Rural Health Initiative is so excited to have an opportunity to extend its services to Uganda.

Uganda’s Widows and Orphans, under the 501c3 Oromia Rural Health Initiative, was founded by Nikki Jackson, FNP, serving in Africa since 1997. As Medical Director for both Oromia Rural Health Initiative and Uganda Women’s and Orphans organizations, she serves on the board to directly network with U.S.-based supporters and those serving on the field in both Uganda and Ethiopia, including short-term medical mission outreaches in both countries.

In obedience to Scripture, Uganda Widows and Orphans’ mission is to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, to provide food, clothing, and medical care to at-risk elderly and orphans by partnering with churches in Uganda. We have made progress during two initiatives to identify and bring assistance to over 50 elderly and orphans.

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