Oromia Rural Health Initiative is a 501C3 non profit founded in 2019 by the Oromia community in the Minneapolis area. Our mission is to provide assistance to the Oromia community in Ethiopia through medical and educational initiatives. We have partnered with Ambo University Medical School to bring medical care to rural areas where none is available.


Mission Statements

Our Mission

As a committed group of medical, spiritual, and community leaders, it is our vision and desire to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to the people of the Oromia rural area of Ethiopia, East Africa. 

 Aware we have the direct decree from the lord to serve “the least of these” we will work together to coordinate community resources to provide critical healthcare to this rural population in compassionate, ethical, and professional manner following the example of Jesus

Our Goals

3 Month Goals (accomplished)

  1. Establish liaison with Ethiopian Community Leader/Spiritual Leader
  2. Form committee to set goals/timeline/and promote Community awareness of project
  3. Schedule community outreach meetings to educate American Oromia members of Project
  4. Develop outreach materials: i.e. business cards/banners/logo shirts and have available for the Oromia community here and in Ethiopia

6 Month Goals (accomplished)

  1. Obtain Ethiopian Government permission for service in Ethiopia
  2. Recruit volunteers for fundraising and team membership and service here and Ethiopia
  3. Logistics/Service area in Ethiopia

12 Month Goals( achieved)

  1. The Team members in U.S.A. and Ethiopia work together more in detail.
  2. Monthly Fundraisers
  3. Set financial goals
  4. Monthly report from Ethiopia Leadership
  5. Establish service location (s), timeline for service


About Us

By Janet Olson and Lisa B

Our last clinic was in a small elementary school. We gave vitamins anti-parasite medicine and pencils to the children, and treated those with medical needs. Then we treated all the adults who came, which numbered about 50-60. All in all, we have seen about 3000-3500 people in clinic this trip. Ambo University hosted us and gave us wheels and interpreters and clinicians for our 2 weeks. We could not have done this work without them. On this last night, we invited all those who helped us to a traditional Ethiopian dinner at the hotel. The President and VPs of the university also attended. They are eager to help their people and hope for partnerships with skilled medical professionals from universities in developed countries. They presented us with traditional Oromiya clothing. With Gustavo Alexei Argeñal Jacinta Kamanza Oromia Rural Healthinitiative❤️

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Support Our Mission

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in the work God has called us to. If you would like to get involved, here are some ways to partner with us:

1) Prayer:

Regular newsletters will highlight specific prayer needs that impact the elderly and the lives of orphans and more importantly, impacting spiritual lives for eternity. Read our current newsletter here.

2) Spread the word:

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3) One time or monthly gift:

100% of your gifts go directly to basic needs of individual elderly and orphans that are identified in crisis situations. Present needs include food, medical care, clothing and basic home needs like beds, blankets etc. More information below.

For more information or to donate

Contact: Tolcha Gammachu
Lisa Buettner

Email: oromiahealth@gmail.com

Text (612) 251 8187

Checks may be mailed to:

Oromia Rural Health Initiative
c/o Tolcha Gammachu
6438 13th St South
Richfield, MN 55423

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