About Us

By Janet Olson and Lisa B

Our last clinic was in a small elementary school. We gave vitamins anti-parasite medicine and pencils to the children, and treated those with medical needs. Then we treated all the adults who came, which numbered about 50-60. All in all, we have seen about 3000-3500 people in clinic this trip. Ambo University hosted us and gave us wheels and interpreters and clinicians for our 2 weeks. We could not have done this work without them. On this last night, we invited all those who helped us to a traditional Ethiopian dinner at the hotel. The President and VPs of the university also attended. They are eager to help their people and hope for partnerships with skilled medical professionals from universities in developed countries. They presented us with traditional Oromiya clothing. With Gustavo Alexei Argeñal Jacinta Kamanza Oromia Rural Healthinitiative❤️

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